Two ways to keep your glass shower screen in good condition

If you have a glass shower screen in your bathroom, here are two steps you can take to keep it in good condition.  Try to avoid hitting it when you're taking a shower Most shower screens are made from tempered glass. This material is not only significantly stronger than standard glass (and thus far less likely to crack when struck with a heavy object), but it is also designed to shatter in such a way that the pieces of broken glass have rounded edges. Read More 

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying New Windows

New home windows are often an expensive investment, but they are typically well worth the cost. Updated windows might better insulate your home against outside temperature and noise and block harmful sunlight that might fade timber floors. New windows may even increase your home's overall value. When you're ready to compare your options for new residential windows, note a few mistakes to avoid, so you choose the best windows for your home and your needs in particular. Read More