Glass Splashbacks: Great Design Options And Two Things To Watch Out For

Glass splash backs are a great option for any kitchen; they offer endless design choices and create a sleek, modern look. Just make sure to choose the right type of glass and to measure the splash back area carefully before getting it installed. Design Flexibility Glass splash backs offer amazing design flexibility. They can be painted a huge variety of colors to match or contrast with virtually any other element in a kitchen. Read More 

3 Things to Do During Your Glass Window Repairs to Reduce the Need for Additional Repairs

Constant repairs in the house can become a financial burden, especially when they come unexpectedly, like most of them do. However, they are not always a bad thing. Look at it this way: repairs give you the chance to correct a mistake that was done during building, which allows you to prevent a similar mistake from happening again. Below are four things to do or change during your current glass window repairs, which will help in lengthening the time before you need any more repairs done. Read More 

How to Really Transform Your Bathroom

In a typical home, the bathroom is the sanctuary and it's one of the most important spaces in the entire house. It's not surprising, therefore, that many people choose to renovate the existing room from time to time and may spend a lot of effort working on the design and choosing new components. However, they may simply gloss over one element as they focus on the more glamorous pieces, without realising how much of a difference they could make through a little application. Read More 

4 Risks of DIY Window Tint Application

You need to weigh the risks inherent in trying to install home window tinting without hiring a professional. This article discusses some of the risks you'll take if you do it yourself. Film Creasing Aluminium film is the favoured type of tint for residential windows due to its superior performance characteristics. However, this type of film requires extreme caution when one is handling it. Any mistake made as one handles the film can cause it to develop creases. Read More 

How to Add Colour and Style to Your Kitchen’s Splashback

A kitchen's splashback may be more visible than you realize, which is why it's good to consider how you can give it some colour and style. A dull splashback may make the entire kitchen seem too muted and even downright utilitarian, whereas a unique splashback can make the kitchen seem more personal to you, while also helping to tone down the wood of cabinets. Note a few tips on how to add colour and style to your kitchen's splashbacks without creating something that is too overwhelming or that might seem out of place in a kitchen. Read More