Glass Splashbacks: Great Design Options And Two Things To Watch Out For

Glass splash backs are a great option for any kitchen; they offer endless design choices and create a sleek, modern look. Just make sure to choose the right type of glass and to measure the splash back area carefully before getting it installed.

Design Flexibility

Glass splash backs offer amazing design flexibility. They can be painted a huge variety of colors to match or contrast with virtually any other element in a kitchen. You could, for example, blend the splash back color with adjoining wall colors, merging the two together for a neutral effect, or you could install a striking black splash in a white-toned kitchen. Alternatively, you could amplify a stainless steel sink and appliances by back-painting the splash back with a metallic paint finish.

A glass splash back allows you to make a personal statement; you could have it digitally printed with a favorite nature scene, a cityscape of your local city, or else a handsome geometric pattern. Why not digitally print a silhouette photo of your pet cat stalking onto the splash back to make it look like they are walking across the bench—for a totally unique effect? Your imagination is your only limitation when customizing your new kitchen design.

A Sleek Look

Glass splash backs are usually constructed in large panels, so only one or two panels are needed for most installations. The intersections are sealed with a colorless, transparent silicone, creating a clean, seamless surface, which doesn't display the busy intersecting grout lines typical of tiled surfaces. The result is sleek, modern and streamlined.

Two Things To Watch Out For With Glass Splash Backs

When choosing a splash back to have colored or digitally printed, select low-iron glass rather than regular 'clear' glass. While regular clear glass doesn't contain substantial amounts of iron, it contains more than low-iron glass, and this iron tinges regular glass a greenish shade. If you then color or digitally print a greenish piece of glass, the resulting colors will be tainted rather than pure. Low-iron glass is more transparent as well as being clearer, so you will get a more pure version of your chosen design colors that will show with more clarity.

Another tricky aspect of glass splashbacks is the measuring process. Glass splashbacks are usually manufactured from toughened glass which has undergone either a chemical or thermal process. The glass has to be cut to its final exact size before undergoing the toughening process; it cannot be trimmed afterward. This means the initial measuring of the splash back area is crucial and is best undertaken by an expert to avoid costly measuring mistakes.

Glass splash backs create a sleek finish in any kitchen, and they come with a huge variety of options. By taking some care when having your splash back installed, you will end up with a great result that can be matched perfectly to your unique home design.