Options for Aluminium Windows for Your Home

New windows can add to your home's appeal, especially if they're expansive and let light stream inside. If you've decided to opt for aluminium designs, you'll have a range of options, as explained below.

Custom or Off-The-Shelf

You'll need to decide whether to install standard windows or have them custom made to your specific dimensions. Using pre-made windows will bring costs down, especially if they're fixed and don't open. Though, you could change the current window style to give your home a different look by swapping sliding for awning windows, for example. Aluminium frames are great for windows of all sizes as they're lightweight and easy to move.

Glass Options

Another decision you'll need to make regards the glass you fit into the windows. You can opt for standard single-pane float glass. Other types of glass, though, will provide unique benefits. For example, you can make windows safer and more burglar-resistant by installing toughened or laminated panes. These are stronger than float glass, and they don't break into pointy shards, like standard windows. Everyone in your home will be safer and less likely to be injured if a window breaks as a result. Plus, burglars will have a harder time trying to break into your home with these tougher panes.

You can also choose the glass with your house's energy efficiency in mind. For example, you could install low-E glass that will bounce solar radiation away from the building, keeping it cooler in the summer. Sometimes, two panes are better than one, as in double-glazed units. These windows will help stop heat from entering in the summer and escaping in the winter.

Thermal Break

Another thing to consider is the energy efficiency of the frame itself. Aluminium can tend to absorb heat, which flows to the other side of the frame. You can stop this cycle by installing aluminium windows with a thermal break. These frames have durable aluminium on the outer and inner sides. But the middle has an alternate material that doesn't conduct heat well. This thermal break within the frame stops the heat from moving from one side to the other. So, even if the scorching sun shines on the windows, the frames will only heat up outside, while the insides will remain mainly at room temperature.

Colour Choices

One of the best parts of installing new windows is choosing the colour of the frame. Aluminium comes in diverse powder-coated and anodised hues, such as sand, cream, and charcoal. Thus, you'll have no problems harmonising the new windows with your home design.

To learn more about your options, contact contractors who install aluminium windows.