Benefits of Glass Pool Balustrades

If you're researching pool fencing alternatives, you'll come across glass balustrades. You may not know a lot about these barriers and whether they work around a pool. To help you decide, consider the following benefits.


One of the major attributes of glass balustrades is that they create an open, expansive feel in the garden. As you can see through the transparent glass, the yard won't feel divided or sectioned off into different areas. Other pool fences, such as tubular metal styles, break up the view with repeated vertical railings. They define and separate the pool area from the rest of the garden, so the yard will seem smaller. If you treasure the surrounding vista, then a glass balustrade is even more helpful. Your pool might be on a hill, for example, and offer a view of the distant horizon. Or it may be situated in a lush garden that you want to feel part of the pool area.


You may wonder whether a glass balustrade is sturdy enough for the backyard. These structures use toughened glass, which is many times stronger than standard glass within windowpanes. Thus, the glass panels are unlikely to break. Additionally, the spigots or channels and other hardware that grip the glass are usually cemented into the ground.


The main task of a pool fence is to create a block that stops children from getting into the area. A glass pool fence does this perfectly. Your contractors will construct it to comply with stringent Australian standards. The barrier will need to be at or exceed a minimum height and not leave gaps underneath. You can rest assured that the pool area is safely secured once the barrier is completed with a self-latching gate. 

These fences are safe in another way also. Even though the glass panels only break on a rare occurrence, if they do, they crumble into rounded cubes and not pointy shards.

Wind Block

Sometimes you might want to go for a swim in the pool, but a chilly breeze may put you off taking the plunge. Glass balustrades help in this situation by forming a wind block. Even on moderately warm days, you'll be protected from cold winds.


You can also choose toned glass for the balustrade. You can select blue, grey or bronze-tinted glass, which will reduce the sun's glare. The glass tints also help to emphasise elements in the environment. For example, you could echo the colour of the pool walls with the fence to bring out the blueness of the water. 

For more information, contact a pool fencing service.