How to Really Transform Your Bathroom

In a typical home, the bathroom is the sanctuary and it's one of the most important spaces in the entire house. It's not surprising, therefore, that many people choose to renovate the existing room from time to time and may spend a lot of effort working on the design and choosing new components. However, they may simply gloss over one element as they focus on the more glamorous pieces, without realising how much of a difference they could make through a little application. Why should you spend some time to install an upgraded splashback?

Thinking Out Of the Box

Conventionally, designers would choose tiles for the area closest to the sink and, of course, throughout the shower tub. For generations, this solution has been chosen as it's resistant to water and is relatively easy to keep clean. However, over time the grout can deteriorate and can become very difficult to clean, with mould and mildew hardly likely to add to the aesthetic appeal of your sanctuary.

A Better Alternative

Why not consider fitting mirrored splashbacks instead? Glass is much easier to keep clean than grouted tile and is a lot more hygienic as a consequence. It is very impact resistant and can be cut to precise dimensions to fit even the most challenging space.

Personalised Glass 

If you really want to make a difference, however, you should choose glass splashbacks that are personalised. This will certainly help to make the room unique and provide a major talking point whenever guests arrive. All you need to do is to capture your most scenic vista on your smart phone and upload it to your designer, so that it can be incorporated into a high definition splashback. Alternatively, you could choose your favourite piece of artwork by a known designer and use that instead. If you don't have much natural light in the room due to a small window, this can certainly help to bring everything to life.

Transforming the Shower

If you want to be even more adventurous, you could convert the entire wall behind a walk-in shower by incorporating a full height landscape print. Imagine how you could admire a tropical island or a rain forest as you are conducting your daily ablutions.

Thinking It through

Your imagination is quite literally the limit when you are restoring a room as important as this, so have a word with specialty glass splashback installers to bring your dream to life.