4 Risks of DIY Window Tint Application

You need to weigh the risks inherent in trying to install home window tinting without hiring a professional. This article discusses some of the risks you'll take if you do it yourself.

Film Creasing

Aluminium film is the favoured type of tint for residential windows due to its superior performance characteristics. However, this type of film requires extreme caution when one is handling it. Any mistake made as one handles the film can cause it to develop creases. Those creases are irreversible. It is better to let experienced professionals do the installation so that you avoid ruining the film when you make a rookie mistake and cause it to crease.

Incorrect Joining

Many homes have large windows in order to take full advantage of the view outside or natural light during the day. Such large windows often require several rolls of window tint to be seamed in order to cover the large surface area. DIY installers usually find it hard to join different rolls together in a way which will not be visible once the installation is complete. Professionals undergo training and have experience in joining film rolls so that no seam is visible once the work has been completed.

Incorrect Timing

Window film will stick to the window glass if the tint is applied at the correct time. Correct timing has to do with identifying the hours of the day when the temperature and wind force is just right for the job. High temperatures may cause the adhesive to cure faster than is appropriate for its long-term performance. Windy conditions can cause air bubbles to be trapped within the film as it is applied. A hobbyist may find it hard to pinpoint the ideal moment to perform the installation.

Improper Surface Preparation

Which cleaning products should you use to make sure that the glass is free from contaminants before you apply the window tint? How much drying time should you allow in order to make sure that the glass has dried and you haven't given impurities a chance to accumulate again on that surface? Which cleaning products may compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive used to stick the tint onto the window glass? Laypeople may find it hard to get the right answers to these questions. The wrong answer to any of those questions can easily result in a poor window tint installation job.

Hire experienced window tint installers so that the film will do its job properly.