Two ways to keep your glass shower screen in good condition

If you have a glass shower screen in your bathroom, here are two steps you can take to keep it in good condition. 

Try to avoid hitting it when you're taking a shower

Most shower screens are made from tempered glass. This material is not only significantly stronger than standard glass (and thus far less likely to crack when struck with a heavy object), but it is also designed to shatter in such a way that the pieces of broken glass have rounded edges. This drastically reduces the likelihood of these pieces cutting anyone who happens to be standing nearby when the breakage occurs.

However, while it is very strong and is unlikely to break when struck forcefully once or twice, tempered glass is not indestructible and can spontaneously shatter if it is routinely subjected to impact over a long period of time.

Whilst a shower screen made from this material is unlikely to cause an injury if it breaks, it could be quite expensive and time-consuming to replace.

As such, it is worth making a conscious effort to prevent this from happening. The best way to do this is to try to avoid hitting the shower screen whilst you are showering. For example, try to avoid knocking your elbow into the glass when you're turning around and make sure not to hit the screen with your shampoo bottle when picking it up or putting it down.

Spritz it with vinegar on a regular basis

Whilst there are lots of synthetic glass-cleaning products that you can buy from your local supermarket, very few of these are as effective as vinegar when it comes to keeping glass shower screens in good condition.

There are two reasons why you should spritz your shower screen with vinegar on a regular basis. Firstly, the moisture and heat generated by taking a shower can make this part of your bathroom very susceptible to mould. Mould spores are most likely to grow and multiply in the crevices between your glass shower screen and the frame surrounding it.

However, if you spray this area of the shower screen with vinegar on a regular basis, you can not only kill off existing mould spores but can also prevent the growth of new ones. The reason for this is that vinegar is highly acidic and mould spores cannot thrive in an acidic environment.

Secondly, vinegar is highly effective at removing smears, smudges and water marks from glass, particularly when used in combination with a lint-free cloth. Just a few sprays of this liquid and a quick wipe with your cloth should leave your shower screen sparkling clean.