Commercial Mirrors: 3 Essential Guidelines for Maintaining the Glass

If you have large commercial mirrors in your business premises, you should have a professional cleaner to perform maintenance. In general, your upkeep practices will determine the durability of the mirror and its performance. If you handle the mirror poorly, it will become cloudy or sustain scratches which will interfere with its appearance. In addition, it might become more vulnerable to grime build-up. Here are some essential guidelines to help you clean and maintain your commercial mirrors.

Use Soap and a Sponge

Numerous people choose to clean their commercial mirrors by using a glass cleaning product and paper towels. This solution is favourable because it is fast and cheap. Unfortunately, this is not an effective method for maintaining your large mirrors. In most cases, this process will work for smaller mirrors which are used at home. However, in most businesses, they make the mirrors develop streaks and smudges due to the residue cleaning solution. Also, the paper towels will leave lint on the surface.

If you want to achieve better results when cleaning, you should use a sponge or appropriate scrubber to wash the mirrors. The washing process will eliminate oily smudges, fingerprints and streaks. Use soapy water or a similar solution to scrub away the build-up. Once you wash the glass, you should use a squeegee to remove the residue water and soap. You should apply horizontal motions from the top of the panel for the best results. If there are streaks, you can use crumpled newspaper for removal.

Protect from Harsh Fluids

You should prevent contact between your commercial mirror and corrosive solutions. For example, cleaning solutions with acid or alkali content can be highly detrimental for your glass feature. These constituents could cause the degradation of the surface. Also, if they seep behind the panels, you might notice damage to the backing of the mirror. This form of deterioration will necessitate expensive repairs or mirror replacement. If you must use a commercial cleaning agent, you should check the components to avoid mishaps. Where possible, you should only use pH-neutral soap for maintenance.

Avoid Scratching

If your mirror becomes stained or builds up some stubborn materials, you should not attempt to scrub using an abrasive material. Abrasive agents can be effective in eliminating dirt, but they will also ruin the aesthetics of the mirror. For instance, emery cloths, steel wool, scrapers and gritty rags will have a damaging effect. You can eliminate most spot stains by spraying a glass cleaning solution on a soft cloth and then scrubbing gently.