Benefits of a Glass Splashback in a Kitchen

If you're looking for a way to enhance your kitchen, why not consider a glass splashback installation? Here are several benefits.


Glass is light-reflective, and once it covers the splashback area, it will brighten up the kitchen. The counter areas, in particular, will be better lit, allowing you to prepare food more easily. A better-illuminated kitchen will feel larger and more spacious, and you can save on energy bills as you may be able to reduce under-cabinet lighting as a result.


Glass splashbacks can come in a wide array of colours. Because the panels connect seamlessly without visible joins, they emphasise the colour. You could back paint the splashback in mint, beige, blue or green. Make a statement by contrasting it against the cabinets and counter, or blend the splashback with the walls for a subdued effect, whichever you prefer.

Easy to Clean

A glass splashback will make your kitchen easier to clean as you won't have to bother with scrubbing grout that collects grime and grease. Glass presents a hygienic, non-porous surface that you can wipe with a cloth. Additionally, as the paint covers the back of the panels, the hue won't wear out or fade even with frequent washing, unlike wall paint.

Safe Surface

Glass splashbacks provide a safe surface that protects the walls, and you won't have to worry about the panels breaking. They use toughened glass which undergoes a unique tempering process, making them about stronger than standard float glass. Toughened glass is also heat resistant, so being placed on the wall around the stovetop won't cause any issues.

Texture and Pattern

Even though glass splashbacks present a smooth surface, you can incorporate patterns and a sense of texture into the kitchen regardless. The way to do this is to print a digital image on the back of the glass. You could select a photo of tiles, marble, travertine, or brickwork. Thus, you can enjoy the visual texture with the benefit of a smooth, easy-clean surface. You could also print patterns on the back. The options are endless as you can choose any high-quality digital image that you can find.

Thus, a glass splashback offers numerous benefits. They brighten up your kitchen and provide an unbroken surface to highlight your favourite colour or add pattern and texture. Plus, they're easy to clean without grouting to worry about. Additionally, as they use toughened glass, they form a safe and secure covering across the wall. Reach out to a professional to discuss your glass splashback installation needs.