Could your swimming pool benefit from pool windows?

When you build a swimming pool into your property, you can create a way for you to enjoy quality family time with those that you love and keep fit at the same time. Any swimming pool can be an asset to your home, but why stop with a basic swimming pool when with a little extra effort you can do so much more than that?

What makes a truly great swimming pool?

While the feeling of the water against your skin and the chance to swim lazy lengths in the sunshine or splash around with friends will always be the most important part of a pool, you can do so much more than that. By taking some time to think about how you can integrate a swimming pool into your home, you can create a truly majestic feature that fits seamlessly into your property. One of the best ways of achieving a great pool is by fitting pool windows.

How windows can enhance your swimming pool

Have you ever played one of those games where you have to dive down and hunt for things on the bottom of the pool? Swimming underwater can be a lot of fun, but one of the most common problems with swimming pools is that the deeper they are, the darker they become. Instead of trying to artificially light your pool, why not fit pool windows and let the light flood in from the neighbouring rooms? Adding pool windows has the double advantage that not only does the swimming pool become lighter but you create an instant feature in the neighbouring room as everyone can see into the pool and enjoy what is going on there.

Choosing your swimming pool windows

The size and shape of the pool windows you decide to fit will largely depend on the shape of your swimming pool and how it fits into the design of your property. What will be consistent in most designs is the type of glass used. You cannot hope to use standard window glass for pool windows. You must select a glass that is both leakproof and loadbearing. In general, you can expect to install pool windows constructed from a laminated glass sheet with polyvinyl butyral between the two panes of glass. Your local pool windows installation company will be able to provide more specific information about the best type of glass to ensure that your pool windows are safe and long-lasting.

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