Why the main doors to your business should be made of aluminium

Keeping your business safe should be one of your top priorities. To achieve this goal, you'll need to select a durable, sturdy and weather-resistant material for your front doors. There are many options available in the market, including hardwood, PVC and stainless steel. However, aluminium offers the best combination of benefits available.

As a corrosive resistant, cost-effective and flexible material, aluminium should be your top choice for your main doors due to the following reasons.    

Excellent insulation

If your goal is to save on energy consumption, you'll need doors that prevent leaking air during warm and cold months. Aluminium doors are thick and excellent at insulating your business from high energy consumption.

This material is also flexible, allowing you to implement unique designs that elevate the appearance of your business. For example, you can install thick, insulated windows that prevent leaking air while boosting kerb appeal.   

Durability and safety

Even as a lightweight metal, aluminium has excellent durability. This means that intruders will have a harder time gaining unauthorised entry into your business. You can also vary the thickness of aluminium doors, depending on where they'll be installed in your company.

For example, the front doors may have extra layers of metal to make them burglar-proof. You can also install many different types of locking mechanisms on aluminium doors. For example, smart locking systems allow you to control the doors through your mobile phone or tablet.      

Large sizes

Whether you're securing a bank or a warehouse, aluminium doors come in large sizes that can fit open spaces. These doors are also equipped with multiple hinges that make controlling the door (after installation) much easier. And because aluminium doesn't corrode, you won't have to worry about ugly brown stains popping up in the middle of your large doors as time goes by.   

An environmentally friendly option

If you're looking to spread an environmentally conscious message to your customers, consider purchasing aluminium doors made from recycled metal.

Recycling is an excellent way of attracting buyers who care about sustainability. And if you emphasise green practices in your business, using recycled materials on your doors will show that you take your message seriously.  

Weather resistance

Heavy rains, strong winds and flooding are common culprits that cause damage to many different types of exterior doors. Luckily, aluminium resists water and slat damage because it doesn't corrode.

Aluminium sheets are also sturdy enough to remain in place when strong winds and debris come in contact with your door surface.