Installing And Maintaining Shower Screens

Shower screens are an easy and affordable way to provide a showering space in your bathroom and to prevent water leaking from the shower on the bathroom floor.

How To Install A Shower Screen

The first step is to install the channel for the screen on the wall. During this process, you need to be careful to take the right measurements and apply the channel correctly on a ninety-degree angle. Now you are ready to bring in the glass. You need to push the glass to the back of the channel you have built and screw the glass into place with some glass screws. The holes on the glass should be pre-drilled.

In this step, you have to be very careful because the glass might shatter if it isn't handled correctly. After this, you need to install the support bar that comes perpendicular to the wall and the glass and parallel to the floor. Attach the support bar to the glass with screws. All that is left to do is to apply silicone on the outside of the shower, in the joints of the shower screen with the channels and the floor. Make sure to apply silicone only on the outside of the shower. If you apply it on the inside as well, you are creating a perfect place for water accumulation which will create mould issues and unpleasant smells later on.

How To Keep A Shower Screen Clean

One of the problems with shower screens is the accumulation of limescale, soap residue, hard water and other chemicals on your shower screen. They say that prevention is the best cure, and preventing limescale from accumulating on your shower screen is going to be easier than trying to take it off afterwards. One of the tools you will need is a squeegee.

Immediately after taking a shower, get rid of all the water on the shower screen with the squeegee by passing it only in one direction across the glass. After you have taken the water off the glass, go ahead and dry the entire shower so you can prevent condensation, which makes your shower screen accumulate even more humidity and look dirty. So, the key here is to keep everything dry.

If you decide to use chemicals to clean the shower screen, make sure that they are not harsh, as they can further damage the glass. In the case of shower screens, cleaning them regularly is going to save you in the long run.